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THOMAS SMITH is an award-winning writer, newspaper reporter, TV news producer, playwright, and essayist. He is a three-time recepient of the American Christian Writers Writer of the Year award. As a reporter he is a two-time South Carolina Press Association ward winner. As a TV News Producer he is an Edward R. Murrow Award winner.


His print and multi-media work has been published by Borderlands Press, Zondervan Group Publishing, Chronicle Books, Grinning Skull Press, Cemetery Dance, Pocket Books, Tor Books, Barnes and Noble Books, and Tales to Terrify.


As ghostwriter, he wrote the memoir, Unthinkable Choice: The story of Sampson Parker. Forced to Cut off his arm with a pocket knife or burn to death in a piece of farm equipment, Sampson made the unthinkable choice which saved his life. 


Thomas is probably the only writer to be included in collections with Stephen King and the Rev. Rick Warren in the same week.

Something Stirs


  • Author: Thomas Smith
  • Artist: Francois Vaillancourt
  • Pub. Date: October 2022
  • Publisher: Cemetery Dance Publications
  • Published as: Trade Paperback
  • ISBN: 978-1-58767-855-4
  • Status: Pre-order
  • Printed on 60# acid-free paper
  • Featuring full color cover artwork
  • Featuring black and white title page artwork 
  • Retail price $18.99


Photo by Meri R. Martin

Ben Chalmers is a successful novelist. His wife, Rachel, is a fledgling artist with a promising career, and their daughter, Stacy, is the joy of their lives. Ben's novels have made enough money for him to provide a dream home for his family. But there is a force at work-a dark, chilling, ruthless force that has become part of the very fabric of their new home.

A malevolent entity becomes trapped in the wood and stone of the house and it will do whatever it takes to find a way to complete its bloody transference to our world.

Local sheriff, Elizabeth Cantrell, and former pastor-turned-cabinetmaker, Jim Perry, are drawn into the family's life as the entity manipulates the house with devastating results. And it won't stop until it gets what it wants. Even if it costs them their faith, their sanity, and their lives.

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